High-Quality Air Conditioning Installations

No matter how high the quality of the system you purchase, it’s only as good as the contractor that installs it. National studies show that over 90% of replacement installations have deficiencies causing performance or efficiency issues. That’s a huge number. Your permitting/inspection process ensures the installation is up to current building codes, not industry performance standards. In many cases, the performance of the new system is identical to the old system.

It’s extremely important that your contractor and their team are receiving regular factory training and support from the manufacturer, as many manufacturers don’t even offer training or support beyond the supplier. Make sure you choose a system that has actual factory support, as opposed to Distributor counter assistance. Many lesser-known brands offer no outside training and rely on contractor and distributor for support.

Make sure your contractor has been in business for a minimum of 7-10 years and has a good industry reputation. Verify their license, insurance, and make sure they carry Workman’s Compensation insurance-otherwise you could be held responsible for injuries that occur in your home. Berify the job is permitted and that proper inspections are performed.

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