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  • Reduce certain viruses and bacteria
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Professional Ductwork

The single largest factor in how well your AC system operates is the ductwork system. The ductwork is responsible for up to 66% of the overall performance of your system’s efficiency, capacity, and longevity. It’s so important that the national performance rating system (AHRI) changed it’s testing standards based on ductwork. This has caused a national decrease in efficiency and performance of every air conditioner certified by the DOE, effective 1/1/2023

Ductwork is sized according to how much air needs to be delivered to a specific area, but it also needs, to be properly sized according to how much air needs to be delivered to a specific area, but it also needs to be sized properly for the overall system. If the ductwork is undersized (most common issue), it raises the resistance against the blower motor, causing the motor to work harder, but also causing the air to move faster… in many cases too fast to properly cool/dehumidify the air, but also cause drainage problems by raising the pressure inside the cabinet. A good example of how this works by watching water flow from a hose without pressure nozzle vs with a nozzle. Same amount of water, much different pressure. In addition, the system needs to bring in the same amount of air it puts out. Otherwise, the system is unbalanced, or what we call “upside down”.

Ductwork must also be maintained and checked regularly for air leaks. Leaking cold air into your attic is bad, but through a process called wicking, and equal amount of hot attic air is being drawn in as the cold air leaks out. This can cause excessive dust, sweating ducts/grills, mold/mildew issues, high electric bills, and longer running times.

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Ductless Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

No ductwork? No problem. Even homes without ductwork can be filled with comfort and peace of mind thanks to American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning ductless systems. That’s because these energy-efficient systems forgo the ducts in favor of a pair of indoor and outdoor units to heat and cool your home.

Have a look at the ductless air conditioner and heat pump units that are available. And remember that your comfort level as well as the energy-efficiency and price levels will vary based on your individual needs.

Why ductless AC systems are right for you?

How do you get cleaner, more comfortable air flowing into a home that has no central AC system? What about when you’ve put in an addition to your home that’s isolated from the existing ductwork? Ductless AC systems are the answer. They provide durable, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for these and other situations. Furthermore, you have more control over the air quality needs of specific areas. You can implement single-zone climate control and manage the temperature from room to room.

Get in touch with a local American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Care Dealer to find the ductless system that’s right for you.