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  • Reduce certain viruses and bacteria
  • Remove unhealthy viruses and bacteria.
  • Limit exposure to lung and skin irritants.
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Professional Duct Work

Duct work is an important part of an AC installation. We make that it is not only done right. But done in a way that is cost effective. Giving you an AC unit that last longer. Saving you and your family money in the long.

A person can spend 90% of their time indoors and that’s especially true during the hot and cold seasons. Nowadays, homes are better insulated and more tightly sealed than ever. This means that indoor pollutants can get trapped inside your home. As a result, your family might be breathing indoor air that is less healthy than what’s outside.

  • Indoor pollutants can be five times higher than outdoor pollutants.
  • 87% of homeowners are unaware that pollution inside their homes may be worse than outside.
  • Children inhale 50% more air per pound of body weight than adults, so they’re especially sensitive to air quality problems.
  • Up to 72 trillion allergens can find their way into your home on a daily basis.
  • The average home can produce up to 40 pounds of dust a year.
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Ductless Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

No ductwork? No problem. Even homes without ductwork can be filled with comfort and peace of mind thanks to American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning ductless systems. That’s because these energy-efficient systems forgo the ducts in favor of a pair of indoor and outdoor units to heat and cool your home.

Have a look at the ductless air conditioner and heat pump units that are available. And remember that your comfort level as well as the energy-efficiency and price levels will vary based on your individual needs.

Why ductless HVAC systems are right for you?

How do you get cleaner, more comfortable air flowing into a home that has no central HVAC system? What about when you’ve put in an addition to your home that’s isolated from the existing ductwork? Ductless HVAC systems are the answer. They provide durable, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for these and other situations. Furthermore, you have more control over the air quality needs of specific areas. You can implement single-zone climate control and manage the temperature from room to room.

Get in touch with a local American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Care Dealer to find the ductless system that’s right for you.