About St. Clair's Custom Air

Greg St. Clair, President

After moving to Florida in 1987 following his service in the US Navy, Greg St. Clair entered into HVAC industry here in the Ft. Myers area. Since 1988, Mr. St. Clair has performed every aspect of the HVAC trade, holding positions in everything from marketing, to installation, to service, to middle management, to upper management. He holds certificates in airflow design, Energy Rater (class 3, Florida), Class B Contractor (to 35 tons, Florida), as well as multiple certifications from Trane, American Standard, Rheem, and more.

Mr. St. Clair is both well known and well respected in our tri-county area not only for his HVAC knowledge and ability, but also for his ability to train individuals to work in the HVAC field, while also understanding what they are doing, as well as why, and what that means to both the system and the consumer.

We are committed to serving you with quality and value.